Family Dental Care

When you or a member of your family visits a dentist in the Albuquerque area, what are your expectations? Most people can probably limit this to four simple things:

  • Quality Dental Care
  • Friendly and Comfortable Environment
  • Affordable Treatment Through Insurance Coverage
  • Honest Dental Assessment and Advice

These four things don’t only encompass the way that your teeth will look and feel each time you visit your family dentist. These will also impact your feelings each time you have an upcoming appointment or sit in an exam chair. If you have ever had a dentist experience where these expectations were not met, you will probably go to great lengths to avoid your next visit or find a new place to go. With Legacy Dental, you won’t have to worry about not getting the care you need. We go to great lengths to meet and exceed your expectations as an expert Albuquerque family dentist.

We emphasize quality dental care for every service we offer to our patients. Whether it is a simple teeth cleaning, installing dental implants, or conducting emergency dental care, we utilize the latest in dental technology to make sure your teeth look and feel great. Our family dentist office is designed to help you feel comfortable and our staff will guide you through the entire process, including processing insurance charges. Dr. Stewart Anderson and Dr. Derek Lines , the family dentists at our Albuquerque office will make sure that you get the dental procedures that will be the most beneficial for you and provide essential advice for your at-home care.

Family Dentistry Services

Here are a few of the dental services that you can receive at our family dentist practice:

All of our services are provided with extreme care to ensure that appearance and productivity standards are both met. We want you to feel great about your smile and overall oral health.

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Our family dentist office is located directly in Albuquerque, NM and offers patient reservations Monday-Friday with time choices from 7am-7pm. To schedule your next appointment, please call our office.

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