3 Ways Dentures Won’t Feel the Same as Your Natural Teeth

Sick of getting filling after filling? Maybe you hate the way your teeth look or are just tired of living with dental pain. Perhaps you’re contemplating pulling all of your teeth in favor of a denture as the way to go.


Not so fast.

A denture is not the end all solution for just anyone’s tooth woes. Here are some facts to think about before you pounce on the chance to get one:

It takes time to find your comfort zone.

After you get your denture, it would take a few weeks to build confidence in it. As your mouth adjusts to the bulk and strange chewing motions, the denture may slide around and shift. You may even find that it triggers a gag response in the beginning.

You lose biting forces.

False teeth lack the deep roots your natural teeth have. You’d be putting all the force of your bite directly on your gums if you have dentures. This makes it hard to chew (say goodbye to steak) and may even irritate your gum tissue.

Things will taste different.

You will miss out more than you can imagine. Your palate is like a chimney that draws flavors up to your nose. Cover it up with an upper denture, however, and your food will lose a lot of its former flavor.

Dentures can change your life for the better, if you need them. But until that day arrives, we at Legacy Dental urge you to do all you can to hold onto the teeth you have! If you want to know whether a denture is right for you personally, schedule a visit with an Albuquerque denture dentist right here at Legacy.

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