Ariana Grande Seems to Have No More “Problem” with Her Wisdom Teeth in Albuquerque, NM

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Ariana Grande, the famous pop diva in today’s time and the singer of the hit song “Problem” reveals her dental milestone in social media. In her post on Instagram, the singer looks dramatic as always with her signature cat-eye eyeliner on an after-surgery picture. In the photograph, she captioned, “Peace out, final three wisdom teeth. It’s been real.”

In another post on Twitter, Ariana Grande shocks Arianators by her tweet that she will have a bone removed from her skull! While it may sound like brain surgery, it isn’t. The truth is, she will be having her wisdom teeth pulled out; which of course is not fun either.

Brave Ariana also added that she could only have her wisdom teeth removed one at a time since it might affect her way of singing. But good thing, the procedure doesn’t actually trouble the singer’s ever legendary voice.

Surprisingly, other celebrities like Paris Hilton, Lily Allen, and Emile Hirsch also shared the same dental surgery experience with their fans. But what is really the thing about wisdom teeth extraction?

The third set of molars that people who are in their late teens or early twenties usually get are called “wisdom teeth.” These teeth can sometimes be helpful in the mouth when properly aligned. However, there are some cases that these can become impacted thereby causing tremendous pain, swelling, and any other problems. When this happens, it is better to have it removed.




Benefits of Wisdom Teeth Removal

Being the leading family dentistry who offers Wisdom Teeth Removal in Albuquerque, NM, we at Legacy Dental would like our patients to be fully informed about how a simple extraction can benefit them. Here are truths about it.

  • Removal of the misaligned third molars can prevent overcrowding of the teeth.
  • Wisdom teeth do not just invade the adjacent second molars, but it can also bring damage to them by generating cavities and bone loss. To avoid this from occurring, having them pulled out is best.
  • When the third molars are partially impacted, it creates a hub for bacterias. One of the reasons why wisdom teeth removal is beneficial is the fact that it gets rid of inflammation or infection in the gums.


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