All About Bruxism in Albuquerque, NM

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If you notice your bed partners clenching and grinding their teeth as if they are vigorously chewing without any food in their mouth especially while sleeping, then they might be suffering from bruxism. The condition is quite common and popular; however, no one can really tell its cause. Moreover, people are actually unaware that they have it! To know more about bruxism, we at Legacy Dental listed down these essential facts:

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Bruxism is associated with stress

Worrying leads the body, including the mouth, to tense up. Teeth grinding usually becomes the person’s unconscious way of expressing frustration, fear, and anger.

Unhealthy lifestyle triggers bruxism

Those who consume an excessive amount of alcohol are more likely to grind their teeth. The use of cigarettes is also said to cause the condition. Some other habits that contribute to bruxism include immoderate consumption of caffeine, use of amphetamines, and intake of antidepressants.

Symptoms depend upon the sufferers

If you wake up with jaw pain and headache in the morning, that might be an indication that bruxism toot place the previous night. For some, a chipped or cracked tooth occurs due to the intense pressure when the jaws are pushed together. Others even encounter ear aches, soreness on the teeth, constant face discomfort, and loose teeth.

Many people are affected by teeth grinding

The estimated number of young and adult patients who experience the condition sums up to 30-40 million. When bruxism becomes chronic, it already signals for a more serious problem. On the other hand, occasional teeth grinding is reasonable.

The dental professionals at Legacy Dental can help minimize the discomfort and risks brought by bruxism. We can provide a treatment plan depending on the root cause of the case. Although teeth grinding may not sound like a severe issue, it can put the oral health in danger once left neglected.

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