Can Sedation Dentistry in Albuquerque Help during Dental Treatments?

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Sedation dentistry is a procedure where a dentist uses medications to induce comfort, calmness, and relaxation of a patient who is scheduled to undergo dental treatment. It is usually used for patients who get scared or anxious at the thought of undergoing dental treatments. But more people can benefit from Sedation not only those with dental anxiety or phobia.

People with special needs can greatly benefit from the treatment since they can receive the dental procedures they need painless and worry-free. Performing self-medications may alleviate pain or discomfort but only temporarily which makes it ineffective. Getting professional help is highly recommended since dentists can properly point and perform necessary procedures to take care of the issue before it spreads.

Legacy Dental helps patients receive the necessary dental treatments they need without any worries thanks to the help of Sedation Dentistry. Getting the necessary dental treatments in time can guarantee better overall dental health and wellness. We offer Oral Sedatives and Nitrous Oxide sedation depending on our patient’s preference to ensure comfort and relaxation.

People who are good candidates for Sedation Dentistry:

  • Low pain tolerance
  • Severe gag reflex
  • Teeth sensitivity
  • Chronic jaw pain
  • Physical limitations (back or neck problems)
  • Severe dental anxiety or phobia
  • Fear of needles, equipment, or blood
  • Bad experience
  • Resistance to Local anesthesia


Sedation Dentistry

How does Sedation Dentistry Help during Dental Treatments?

  • Allows patients to stay fully awake or unconscious depending on their preference during the procedures. Some people want to stay awake for them to feel that they are still in charge of their bodies for their peace of mind.
  • Lets patients undergo dental treatments comfortably and help by removing the reasons that make patients avoid scheduling dental appointments. It ensures the proper maintenance of the patient’s overall dental health.
  • Patients who need to undergo multiple dental treatments for a short amount of time can avail sedation dentistry options for it to be made possible. It is consist of various levels that can be used depending on the condition and needs of a specific patient.
  • Dentists can perform the dental treatments faster which are ideal for patients to reduce the development of anxiety and discomfort.
  • People who fear needles can avail sedation options that can be administered without the use of a needle. Some options can be inhaled or taken orally depending on the patient’s need and preference.

You deserve an outstanding comfortable, painless, and worry-free dental care services. We provide Sedation Dentistry Options in Albuquerque. Book your appointment with us at Legacy Dental and let us help you achieve beautiful and healthy teeth!