What to Do if Your Dental Implant Falls Out

Dental implants have a very high and reliable success rate. So in reality, you don’t have much to worry about. Even still, you want answers if your dental implant fails. The Legacy Dental team of implant experts in Albuquerque have the answers you need.

Dental implant

Why Implants Fail
Some of the biggest reasons include:

  • Poor supporting bone quality
  • Weak immune system
  • Stress on implant during healing
  • Biological rejection

Careful planning before surgery and closely following directions after the procedure are the best ways to avoid implant failure.

Did Your Dental Implant Fall Out?
Try to ascertain whether it really was your implant that fell out. Bear in mind that the implant itself is a screw placed deep within the bone. The loose piece you have in your hand right now may only be the dental crown or the abutment – the piece that covers the top of the implant.┬áJust call Legacy Dental and we’ll get you in as soon as we can to replace it.

If it’s pretty clear that the larger screw that is your implant has come right out of it’s socket, then you definitely shouldn’t wait to give our team a call. We’ll talk you through the steps to take.

Make Your Implant Last
It’s very important to follow post-surgery instructions when you get an implant. One of the main reasons implants pop out is because the patient put too much pressure on them during the healing phase. This prevents the bone from creating a tight seal.┬áTalk with our implant team here at Legacy Dental to learn more about successful dental implants in Albuquerque.

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