Dental Implant Treatment in Albuquerque, NM: List of Things to Expect

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Dental implant treatment is popular. It is one of the most excellent solutions to missing teeth nowadays. But despite it being famous, many people still don’t know much about the things that took place during the placement of an implant as well as in the course of the recovery period. We at Legacy Dental understand that it is merely hard to feel at ease with a specific procedure without knowing it first. That is why our practice listed below the different things that patients should expect with dental implant treatment.

Dental Implant

What Can You Expect with Dental Implant?

Medication Before Surgery

In an instance where the site that needs an implant shows signs of infection, the dental professional will have to treat it first before performing the surgery.

Pain Is Common After the Procedure

Patients will not feel any pain during the surgery because of sedation dentistry. Nevertheless, it is normal for them to feel discomfort following the process.

Bone Grafting May Be Needed

The state of the patient’s jawbone should be healthy enough since it will serve as the foundation of the implant. If not, the dental professional usually recommends a bone grafting procedure before conducting the surgery.

An Extraction Will Take Place

The dentist will remove all the pieces of the damaged tooth out from the affected site.

Bleeding Is a Typical Occurrence

Patients should not worry if they see the treated area bleeds; this occurrence is quite normal. What they need to watch out is the extent of the bleeding. When it becomes excessive, then it calls for the dentist’s attention.

There Is a Food Restriction

Expect that the dentist will give out instructions concerning the foods to eat after the surgery. Some foods can delay the healing process of the gums, so follow the dentist’s recommendations accordingly.

Taking of X-Rays

Series of x-rays are taken on the area that needs an implant to determine if the bone in it is thick. If otherwise, bone grafts will be made as mentioned previously.

May these pieces of information help you prepare for your upcoming dental implant treatment in our clinic. We are looking forward to helping you restore your smile using the world’s most reliable teeth replacement, dental implants.

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