Dental Implants in Albuquerque, NM: Common Questions – Answered!

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It is easy to find a restorative prosthesis to mend missing teeth nowadays. But it is not that simple to obtain a comfortable and long-lasting oral appliance. Dentures and bridges – they may be the first choice of people to counter tooth loss. However, they may not be the ideal option for those who prefer a more stable dental restoration. The key is to have them stabilized with the use of implants.

Dental implants changed the perception of people regarding restorative dentistry. Before, many were unconvinced to have their lost teeth restored, and others were afraid that they might get embarrassed by slipping or fake-looking dentures. The restorative appliance function and appear like the real tooth since it replaces not just the visible portion (crown) but the root as well. In case you are planning to get dental implants, see us at Legacy Dental!

Patient with dental implants

Answering FAQs About Dental Implants

How successful is an implant procedure?

Many factors can slow down or heighten the success rate of an implant procedure. If the patient has a healthy jawbone and follows correct habits, dental implants are 90 to 95 percent successful.

Who needs dental implants?

Whether the person is missing one, two, or all of their teeth, they can avail of dental implants in our office. But it is always ideal to undergo an initial consultation beforehand to secure your candidacy. Remember, those with unhealthy jawbone may need to undergo a bone grafting surgery first.

Can dental implants be removed in the mouth?

Unlike dentures, dental implants are permanent. They fuse with the jawbone, which means that they are not removable. Wearers no longer have to deal with problems like slipping or wobbly restorations.

Will dental implants withstand for a lifetime?

The best thing about dental implants is that they are not at risk for decay and other diseases. They can serve their purpose for an extended period. With the right care, proper oral hygiene, and regular dental visits, it is not impossible to embrace a lifetime of smiles with dental implants.

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