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You chipped a small piece of your tooth after munching on a jar of peanuts—what would you do? While your urge to fix the problem all by yourself is strong, you’d rather not attempt. The human teeth are like bones; if they get fractured, there’s no way to mend them yourself—what you need is professional assistance.

Dental Checkup

But what if you refuse to see the dentist for a treatment? That is where complications peak in. Legacy Dental provides Chipped Tooth Repair in Albuquerque, NM. We included this procedure as part of our dental care services because we understand how dangerous it is to leave a cracked tooth unattended. Our goal, therefore, is to deliver an effective treatment that can restore the appearance, functionality, and strength of the affected pearly white. However, if you will continue to neglect the issue, these are the possible problems that might get in the way:

Sensitiveness to hot or cold temperatures

You know there’s something wrong with your teeth when you experience a sharp pain right after drinking cold or hot beverages. If the outer layer of the teeth is damaged, it can cause the roots to become exposed. A chipped tooth needs to be remedied for teeth sensitivity to subside.

The rise of infections

It is not solely teeth sensitivity that can arise due to an exposed tooth root. A neglected chipped tooth can encourage the formation of decay, infections, and even an abscess!

A chipped tooth can affect the tongue

If you are not careful enough, the sharp portion of your chipped tooth can accidentally prod your tongue. Expect double discomfort when this happens.

Tooth Breakage

Sadly, a tiny chip in your tooth can cause your whole pearly white to break down in the long run. A chipped tooth can no longer withstand strongly since its structure is already weakened. In fact, it can easily break by merely doing your day-to-day activity like chewing foods.

Treat Your Chipped Tooth Now!

“A small leak can sink a great ship”. No matter how minor the issue is, it can create a bigger problem if not addressed early—just like in the case of a chipped tooth. Seek our help at Legacy Dental for your chipped tooth repair. We offer different types of restorative dentistry services to bring back the healthy structure of your tooth.

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