Reasons to Never Ignore Dental Pain – Albuquerque, NM

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The pain felt anywhere in the body signifies a problem that needs professional attention. If actions are not taken, a simple pain may worsen and can lead to severe complications, for example, forms of oral discomfort and pain. Remember that oral complications would not get any better if proper measures are not observed. So, if a dental problem is experienced, make sure to address the issue to the dentist immediately. If not, here are the consequences that may occur.

Dental Pain

Consequences of Unattended Dental Pain

Pain comes in all sizes and shapes. Patients do not have a way of knowing the root cause of the issue without the assistance of a dental professional. Although over the counter painkillers are effective in alleviating discomfort, the effects are only short-lived.

Tooth loss

The consumption of sugary, starchy, and acidic substances creates an ideal environment in the mouth that favors bacteria. If uneliminated, the bacteria that clings on the teeth will begin to wear down the enamel—leading to cavities. The cavity will become a permanent hole that can worsen over time. If unattended, it may reach and expose the nerve (pulp). The patient would then experience throbbing toothache and an increase in sensitivity. If professional measures are not taken, steps to save the tooth would not be performed; therefore, leading to tooth loss.

Serious Issues

Infection leads to swelling and abscess which can continue to spread and cause excruciating pain if not taken-cared of. The condition can also spread to the bloodstream, and they become even more dangerous since they are close to the brain and face. Brain abscess is fatal and can even lead to death. This reason alone provides the best reason never to ignore oral pain.

Other complications can go undiagnosed

Opting in self-medications means that the main reason for toothache can stay undiagnosed. Although the pain does go away, it is not an indication that the issue is already fixed. In fact, it may even worsen. For example, the pain is caused by inflammation of the gums (gingivitis), if left undiagnosed, it can progress to the advanced stage that can lead to tooth loss.

To make sure that a minor issue would not progress to a major concern, do not delay professional attention! Our practice at Legacy Dental offers a pain relief service which is provided to patients not only to alleviate their pain but to get rid of the main culprit!

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