Are You Scared of Visiting the Dentist?

Are you known for putting off dental cleanings and checkups due to anxiety or a sick feeling of dread in your stomach?

scared of visiting a dentist

If so, then the following tips may help change your outlook for the better.

You’re Not Alone

First of all, know that there’s no shame in suffering from this very common fear. The best way to overcome it is to own up to it and then talk it out with others. This could be with dental patients who’ve successfully faced down their anxiety, friends or family members, or an understanding dental team.

Take Your Time

Start out small when you do choose to tackle your dental health concerns. Begin with one checkup appointment and a couple of x-rays. Next, try a dental cleaning. Later, schedule dental treatment sessions as your comfort and confidence increase.

Distract Yourself

You don’t have to be mentally present at stressful dental visits. Play music or an audiobook through headphones. Try aromatherapy. Keep your eyes closed. Do whatever it takes to relax!

Remind Yourself of the Benefits

Dentistry isn’t just about looks. Taking care of your teeth and gums is one of the best things you can do for your overall health. Remember too that the sooner you address problems, the easier they’ll be to treat.

Take Advantage of Sedation Dentistry

When all else fails, sedation dentistry comes to the rescue. You can doze your way through a relaxing procedure and then have no memory of it when it’s over with.

For a gentle and compassionate sedation dentist in Albuquerque, look to Legacy Dental. We look forward to putting your mind at ease and helping you achieve the best oral health possible.

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