Sensitive Teeth? 5 Possible Reasons Your Teeth Are Killing You

There’s nothing worse than that electric shock shooting through your jaws when you least expect it. You have sensitive teeth and this unfortunate fact ruins every sip of your favorite hot or cold drink.

Sensitive Teeth

Why do teeth get sensitive? Even more important, what can you do to get relief?

  • Blame your gums.

Have you noticed any gum recession, lately? When gums recede from tooth crowns, they expose the sensitive root of the tooth.

  • Too many acids in your diet.

Frequent exposure to acid can wear down the enamel which is supposed to protect tooth nerves from temperature change. Acids are found in surprising food sources: citrus fruits, coffee, tomatoes, and soda are just a few examples.

  • Recent dental work.

A new filling or crown takes out a comfy layer of tooth which, until now, had been helping provide insulation. It may take a week or two for your altered tooth to start feeling itself again.

  • You’ve been bleaching your teeth.

Using a professional dental bleach to whiten your teeth can make them sensitive for a bit. Whitening chemicals temporarily open up the pores in enamel, letting every bit of heat and cold shoot straight for the tooth’s core.

  • Your tooth is trying to tell you something.

If your sensitivity is limited to just one tooth, then that could be a sign of trouble. An infection or decay can make a tooth sensitive to pressure, temperature, sweets, and even air.

Not sure which of these culprits is behind your sensitivity? It’s definitely time to visit an Albuquerque dentist. Schedule a visit to Legacy Dental to get your sensitive teeth looked at.

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