Signs You May Need a Dental Crown

A dental cap, or crown, is a sturdy dental restoration that covers the outside of a tooth. It can be made of gold, or materials that make it resemble a natural tooth. Crowns are usually recommended when a tooth has suffered too much damage to retain a simple filling.

Porcelain crowns

How do you know if you need a cap? Look out for these signs that your tooth could be a candidate.

  1. Sensitivity

A sudden spike in sensitivity could mean that your tooth has damage exposing the nerve. Decay or trauma can cause damage to the inside of your tooth.

  1. Several Large Dental Restorations

If you have a tooth that’s studded with a patchwork of silver fillings, then there’s a good chance it won’t hold up to one more. A crown is the ideal solution for improving both the appearance and structural integrity of enamel that’s weakened with lots of filling material.

  1. Chip Or Fracture

When a tooth is visibly damaged, a crown is usually the first option. Just patching up a chip with filling material isn’t always sufficient.

  1. Worn Surface

Teeth worn down from years of a grinding or tooth-clenching habit could merit the protection of a durable crown. In most cases, two opposing teeth will need to be crowned at the same time so they stop wearing each other down.

Think you may need a crown?

You can’t know for sure what your tooth needs until you see a dentist. Call today to schedule a checkup at Legacy Dental. Combining the most modern technology with a gentle touch, we’ll help you make the right decision for your tooth.

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