Surprising Foods That You Must Try for Healthier Gums in Albuquerque, NM

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The practice of keeping the mouth clean and disease-free is known as oral hygiene. Keeping watch of the teeth to get rid of tooth decay is only a part of the oral hygiene practice. To make sure that your dental health is well-taken cared of, it is essential to look after your gums too. The soft tissue lining of your mouth that surrounds and holds the teeth, provide a protective seal around them is called the gums. It is sensitive by nature and requires a lot of maintenance as well as nourishment. Neglecting your gums may spring to various problems like gingivitis. To help maintain your healthy and strong gums, we at Legacy Dental listed down some gum-friendly foods that you might not know.


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The fruit that “keeps the doctor away” is loaded with fiber that serves as a cleansing agent to the teeth. It’s malic acid also helps in the production of saliva, thereby eliminating the harmful bacterias from the mouth. Moreover, apples have a fibrous texture that improves the health of the gums.

Nuts and Seeds

These two are naturally abrasive in texture, making it effective in clearing away substances like plaques and stains from the teeth. Walnuts and flax seeds, for example, lower the risk of gum disease which may later result in tooth loss.

Foods with high vitamin-C content

Fruits that are great sources of vitamin C include oranges, berries, and limes. These three can add protection to the gums and fight against infections.


Aside from the calcium that fortifies the teeth, the protein casein in milk lowers or reduces the acid levels in the mouth. As a result, gum corrosion is avoided.

Aloe Vera

The anti-inflammatory properties present in aloe vera make it essential in treating the inflamed gums. Also, when gargled, it can soothe soreness and painful gums due to its salicylic acid content.


Chewing dried cranberries can strengthen and protect the gums. Plus, it can also give them a gentle massage.

Infected gums can be as painful as you thought. Save yourself from the pain. Load up these healthy foods and seek Treatment for Gum Disease with us at Legacy Dental.


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