The Best Teeth Whitening in Albuquerque

The ultra-white smile has become an icon of the American beauty ideal. Everyone wants a whiter smile and people are trying just about everything to get it.

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What are your best options for teeth whitening in Albuquerque?

We’ve got you covered with the most current information.

DIY Options

What about at-home teeth bleaching kits?

The amount of different whitening products available over the counter is mind-blowing. If you were to shop for something like that, you might not know where to begin or even what to look for.

Drugstore bleaching kits usually work by lifting surface stain, either through buffing it away or dissolving it with hydrogen peroxide.

Some products contain activated charcoal which claims to absorb stain right out of the teeth.

Any of these products, however, will get you superficial results, at best. At worst, you could develop gum irritation or enamel sensitivity from improper use.

So which method is the safest and most effective?

Professional Teeth Whitening

To get your teeth bleached the right way, you’ll want to personally consult a tooth expert. Only an actual dentist can recommend the best treatment for reaching your smile goals as well as how to do so safely.

Here at Legacy Dental, you’ll experience the very best in teeth whitening technology. We use the Opalescence Boost Teeth Whitening System. It’s light and laser-free, and the powerful bleaching gel will lift the deepest stains, getting you results on the same day.

Professional teeth bleaching is safe since it’s applied by a trained individual. There’s no guesswork and extremely slim chances of having a bad reaction.

Your journey to a brighter smile starts today! Call Legacy Dental to plan your teeth whitening consultation.

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