The Surprising Causes of Tooth Pain

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Dental pain can ruin the simple pleasures in life, like drinking iced coffee or enjoying a cup of their favorite ice cream flavor for dessert. People suffering from tooth pain are often guaranteed to feel uncomfortable unless proper measures are taken. Usually, this pain may indicate the need for a dental filling since unattended cavities can cause tooth pain. Since the other causes of tooth pain are less known than cavities, most people don’t even know what is causing them discomfort.


For that reason, we at Legacy Dental have listed down some causes of tooth pain. Hopefully, this list can help you identify what’s wrong and decide on the right course of action for effective relief—for example, taking advantage of our Tooth Pain Relief offer. Here are some surprising causes of tooth pain:

Sinus infection

If you practice excellent oral hygiene, you are more likely not to have any cavities and don’t have a history of tooth sensitivity, so experiencing tooth pain is a wonder. The possible cause behind this problem could be your sinuses that cause pain, particularly at the back portion of your mouth. The tips of the teeth have nerves in them, and they share the same path as the sinuses. In turn, the pain in the sinus causes pain in the teeth and vice versa.

Misaligned teeth or wisdom teeth impaction

Misaligned teeth can press against the surrounding teeth, pushing them out of line, resulting in aches and pains. The same goes for impacted wisdom teeth, a case when the tooth/teeth fail to break through the gum line. It can be excruciating as it resides below the gum line while pushing against other teeth. If they are not addressed yet, it is best to see a dentist for immediate treatment.

Damaged dental fillings or sealants

The deep pits, grooves, or fractures in your teeth that are covered by dental fillings are vulnerable. If the protection that comes from fillings are damaged, these portions become exposed to the extreme temperatures, food debris, and bacteria. As a result, the patient can experience pain that can range from a dull ache to a sharp, piercing sensation. If your filling or sealant is damaged, be sure to book an emergency appointment with your dentist to have it repaired. This prevents your teeth from suffering from further damage or decay.

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