Troubles Brought by Wisdom Teeth Eruption – Albuquerque, NM

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Each tooth serves its functions in the mouth. For example, the incisors are in charge of cutting foods into small pieces, canines hold and tear, while the premolars and molars are the ones that crush and grind. However, there are these teeth that tend to cause more trouble than good – wisdom teeth.

teeth discomfort

As most people already know, the third molars are the last ones to erupt, and it is during the age when they already gained wisdom; thus, the term ‘wisdom teeth.’ In the past, these teeth were fully functional since they provide the additional chewing strength needed to consume unprocessed foods. But due to evolution, the jawbone became smaller, and it can no longer function as the other teeth.

Instead of serving as additional chewing support, most patients nowadays tend to have their wisdom teeth extracted. But, is this practice essential? Read on below to find out!

Troubles Associated with Wisdom Teeth


Since wisdom teeth are the last ones to erupt, they tend to leave not enough space in the mouth. Due to this reason, the teeth remain trapped in the jawbone. Unfortunately, if actions are not taken, this can lead to the formation of tumors, cysts, and damage to the second molars.


At times when wisdom teeth fully erupt, the ones on the lower jaw are covered by gum tissue. Know that this is not a good sign since this tissue can be a place where food particles and other harmful substances can accumulate, leading to pericoronitis. If left unattended, it can cause pain, inflammation, lymph node enlargement, and even fever.


Sometimes, if the wisdom teeth do erupt, the ones on the upper jaw may tend to grow in the direction of the cheeks. Unfortunately, this can irritate the mucous membrane of the cheeks.


Since the wisdom teeth grow at the back portion of the jaw, bacteria can easily accumulate in this area. But due to its position, cleaning them becomes more challenging. As a result, a person’s risk of developing cavities increases.

Gum disease

As mentioned before, cleaning impacted and partially or fully erupted wisdom teeth is more challenging than the other pearly whites. Aside from developing cavities, the health of the supporting structures becomes compromised as well. If extraction is not performed, gum disease is more likely to be experienced.

We at Legacy Dental totally understand how hard it is to deal with erupting wisdom teeth. So, we would like to assure our patients that they can depend on us with any of their dental needs, including the extraction of wisdom teeth. To make the overall experience bearable, know that we can execute the use of sedation dentistry options.

Looking for a safe and pain-free procedure? Do not hesitate; book an appointment with us! Legacy Dental has a caring and dedicated team to help you feel pleasant during your Wisdom Teeth Extractions in Albuquerque, NM.