What to Expect With Partial Dentures

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Losing teeth brings a lot of stress to a person. In most cases, losing teeth depletes a person’s confidence and gives them trouble with their speech, chewing, and biting abilities. If a person loses a few teeth on either jaw, partial dentures can significantly help them. For people who missed the majority of their teeth, full dentures are the best option for them.

Partial dentures usually consist of gum-colored plastic bases and may have a metal framework that connects to a person’s teeth or other natural-looking connectors. In some cases, metal frameworks are attached to the teeth.


What happens after a person gets partial dentures?

  • The first few weeks of getting partial dentures will be slightly awkward. Understandably so, this is an expected reaction from a person with something new in their mouth. The person will get used to the presence of partial dentures in their mouth once time passes. 
  • The insertion and removal of the partial dentures will take several tries to master. Once again, this is perfectly normal, and time will let a person get used to it. 
  • The patient must follow all instructions given by the dentist. It is expected that the dentures will fit into the person’s mouth easily. In case there is a problem with the fit, never force a denture into place by biting down hard. Pressure from a hard bite can damage the clasps. 
  • Eating will become a pleasant experience, thanks to partial dentures. However, it is best to start with soft food when the denture is relatively new. Remember to use both sides of the mouth when chewing to keep the pressure even. Avoid hard and sticky food while getting used to dentures.

How should partial dentures be cleaned?

A dentist can recommend a good cleaner made specifically for dentures. Household items can be abrasive when used as a denture cleanser. Toothpaste may seem like a good idea to use for cleaning dentures, but it is actually abrasive. It is a good idea to brush the dentures each day to remove plaque and food deposits. Daily brushing prevents the dentures from being stained. Use a soft-bristled brush to avoid damaging the dentures. When the denture is not in use, remember to soak it in a denture solution or water. Thoroughly rinse the dentures before placing it in the mouth. 

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