Why Can’t I Just Get a Filling?

If your tooth has a chip, crack, or cavity in it, then a simple filling should do the trick, right?

As simple as you want the solution to be, a regular filling may not be the right answer.

Dental Fillings

When More Than a Filling Is Necessary

Your teeth are very strong, but they can only withstand losing a limited amount of structure. If a cavity or fracture takes out a large portion of tooth, then the remainder probably can’t be patched up with a filling.

At this point, your tooth would be more filling material than enamel… and would be structurally-unsound, as a result. The risk of fracturing your tooth even further would increase as well.

Not only is there a structural risk, but your tooth would also be prone to infection. Large missing sections put the tooth’s nerve in close contact with bacteria.

So if your tooth needs more than a filling, what are your options?

Better Than a Dental Filling

The next level up is an indirect filling like an inlay or onlay.

These restorations are usually made of tooth-colored porcelain and are shaped outside of the mouth. They’re designed to fit perfectly in the damaged area to complete the tooth. Because they’re cured in one single piece, these restorations are load-bearing and durable, like a “cap”.

But if your tooth needs even more coverage and protection against sensitivity, the next best thing is to go ahead and get a full coverage crown.

Sometimes, root canal therapy is necessary to avoid pain and infection. Even if your tooth doesn’t hurt yet, it may be best to take out the nerve and then cover the tooth.

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