Albuquerque’s Emergency
Dentist of Choice

When you think of a medical emergency, the dentist probably doesn’t come to mind. But problems with your teeth can be excruciating and debilitating. They need immediate attention. Albuquerque’s Legacy Dental helps with toothaches, performs emergency root canals and fixes cracked or missing teeth on short notice. If you have no insurance, Legacy Dental offers memberships for your dental emergency.

Emergency Dental Services

Our expert dentists, Dr. Stewart Anderson and Dr. Derek Lines , can assist in case of:

  • Toothache Remedies:

    Toothaches may seem harmless, but they may be signs of a serious problem. Prolonged aches and pain can lead to or exacerbate tooth decay. Call Legacy Dental as soon as you feel discomfort or pain.

  • Beaks, Chips, or Cracks:

    Accidents happen, but you should never ignore a broken, chipped, or cracked tooth. Call to set up your appointment as soon as possible. Our emergency dentist is not on call 24/7, so we may not be able to see you immediately. See our office hours at the bottom of our page.

    After your injury, rinse your mouth with warm water and apply a cold compress on your face to relieve pain and swelling. Because Legacy Dental may be able to reattach any broken or chipped pieces during your appointment, simply bring the tooth to your appointment in a wet towel. Avoiding immediate dental care can result in emergency root canals later.

  • Loosened or Avulsed Teeth:

    From Isotopes baseball to Lobos football, Albuquerque residents love sports. But sometimes, a good game results in a bad injury. Sports injuries and other accidents can cause your teeth to become loose or even to fall out (be avulsed). Legacy Dental can help with emergencies involving loose or knocked-out teeth.

    When you lose a tooth, try to gently insert it back into place. If that’s not possible, rinse the tooth under a faucet. Do not scrub, as that may cause root damage. If teeth are preserved correctly, our emergency dentists may be able to reinsert them.

Call Legacy Dental for your Emergency Needs

When faced with a dental emergency, remain calm and call Legacy Dental as soon as possible. Our emergency dental team is dedicated to the Northeast Heights and greater Albuquerque area. We aren’t open 24/7, but we will get you in our office as soon as possible.

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