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Tooth Pain Relief in Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Tooth Pain in Jaw in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Dental pain can make life unbearable. A sudden toothache can keep patients out of work and make it difficult to eat or drink.

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Providing Gentle, Judgment-free Care

Your comfort and well-being are important to us. We provide tailored care designed to meet your unique needs. Our dentists never pressure you into treatments you don’t need, so you only get the services you want. No matter what brings you to our practice, we never judge, scold, or guilt our patients. Your smile is the reason for everything we do, and we want to help you achieve your best smile yet!

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Tooth pain is an indication that the tooth nerves are compromised, which often means that decay, infection or damage has reached the inner portion of the tooth. Regardless of what has caused your disruptive tooth pain, you can trust Legacy Dental to resolve it. Our Albuquerque dental practice offers a full menu of services to relieve your dental pain.

Your treatment will be based on the cause of your toothache and may include a filling, root canal, dental crown or other procedure. Most of our treatments can be completed in a single office visit, helping you regain a comfortable and healthy smile in the timely manner you deserve.

Treatment for Jaw Pain

Just like your teeth, your jaw can also be a source of discomfort. The jaw joint is responsible for opening and closing your mouth and helping you chew. If your jaw becomes sore, stiff or painful, you may need professional treatment.

The dentists of Legacy Dental are fully qualified to offer effective jaw pain relief, whether it involves addressing a teeth grinding problem or diagnosing a misalignment issue. We understand how debilitating jaw pain can be, as it can often lead to tension headaches, facial soreness and eating challenges.

Dental Specialties

Providing Soothing Care with Sedation Dentistry

Do you live with dental anxiety?

Turn to the compassionate dental professionals at Legacy Dental. We offer sedation dentistry services. Sedation dentistry helps patients overcome dental anxiety and enjoy a more relaxing appointment.

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Creating Healthy Smiles with Family Dentistry

Are you looking for a trusted family dentist?

Visit Legacy Dental for your family’s dental care needs! Our caring team offers a full range of dentistry services to help every member of your family achieve optimal oral health and wellness.

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Relieving Dental Pain with Emergency Dentistry

Are you suffering from painful broken or damaged teeth?

Visit Legacy Dental for your family’s emergency needs! Our caring team offers a range of gentle services to relieve dental pain, repair damaged teeth, and get your smile back on track.

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Tooth Pain in Jaw

Don’t live with jaw pain longer than you have to. In many situations, a custom nighttime mouthguard is all that is needed to protect your jaw from unnecessary strain. You can trust that we will provide an accurate diagnosis and follow up with you until we are confident that your jaw discomfort has subsided.

Is tooth pain or jaw pain threatening your quality of life? Call Legacy Dental today. We treat patients with the best that modern dentistry has to offer.

Do You Offer Financing?

Yes, we do! Legacy Dental offers affordable financing options through CareCredit and Denefits for qualifying patients to help our patients achieve their goals. Call or stop by our conveniently located Albuquerque office to discuss all your payment options.

Do You Accept Walk-ins and Same-Day Appointments?

Yes, our practice welcomes walk-in patients. At Legacy Dental , we want to make sure you receive care when it’s most convenient for you. If you’ve experienced a dental injury, we also offer emergency appointments as scheduling permits. For same-day dental care, call or visit your trusted local Albuquerque cosmetic dentist today!

Tooth Pain in Jaw in Albuquerque, New Mexico

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